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The USGFR was organized in February 1990 by Bryce Roper, PDG 5400 following a suggestion from the IGFR President Don McRae a year earlier at the Maui Hawaii venue. The first USGFR event was held in Portland Maine in 1990 and events have been held annually since that time. The current policy of the USGFR Board is to rotate the venues among nine geographic regions.

The golf is organized with at least one practice round and three scoring rounds. We use the Stableford point system for scoring for the various divisions of skill and place maximum value on making new friends playing together as teams and as individuals. We have the usual flag raising and opening ceremony and a closing awards banquet. These events are tastefully informal and focused on fun and fellowship. 

In 2018, the Executive Committee voted to change the organization's name to United States - Canada Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians (USCGFR) to better reflect the composition of our membership.

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